The Limelight

The Manic Minstrel


No annoying oranges,
no sad lemon parade
– time for a hardcore citrus
to take center stage;
and now that this Limey
has it made,
he’d best enjoy
his finest hour
because the cost of fame
is a mad Rush
with pressure, squeeze, and crush
that can turn
the sweet taste of success
…..overwhelmingly sour.

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Porcupine (My best friend Leonard)


……growing up I had an imaginary friend named Leonard Porcupine. One Thanksgiving we raided the fridge before anyone else was up and we ate all the filling out of the pumpkin pies. We blamed it on my other imaginary friend, Marget (she did all the bad stuff). That darn Marget!!! …..Leonard and I still got a whooping for the pirated pies.