Lil’ Dragon (Ruby-Throated Hummingbird)

Ruby-Throated Hummingbird


Wilson’s Bird of Paradise (Time to See)

The Manic Minstrel

Wilson's Bird of Paradise

Open eyes narrow and focus,
Squint to see the sun in clear blue skies
And look to the Spirit
That gave us sight and gently woke us;

Scan the horizon,
What wonders await in the approaching distance,
Inspect the introspective,
Contemplating reasons for existence,
Admire the marvels and miracles all around,
Speculate the spectacles
Made to amaze and given to astound,
Contemplate creation,
No matter who you be or where you are,
Survey the sublime,
Whether sighted near or far;
Bear witness to the view
And discern Divinity in diligent design,
It’s easy enough to do
When you open your eyes…..and just take the time.

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Senseless Paranoia? (Violet-Green Swallow)

The Manic Minstrel

Violet-Green Swallow

Simeon Swallow shadows his sweet
Wooing her with twittering tweet,
And many think him overbearing and shallow
– prone to “senseless paranoia” and jealous fits;
But from where he sits
Superfluous temptations are a foolish test,
He’d rather go to war
– fighting for love
And be thought a creep;
As long as his ladybird
Stay in their nest,
The Mountain Chickadudes and Hairy Woodpeckers
Can all eat crow and go take a flying leap!!!

A common misconception is that all jealousy is bad; but remember that a loving jealousy is never cruel to that which it holds dear.

Just a groovy tune I was listening to while putting this together. = >

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