Senseless Paranoia? (Violet-Green Swallow)

The Manic Minstrel

Violet-Green Swallow

Simeon Swallow shadows his sweet
Wooing her with twittering tweet,
And many think him overbearing and shallow
– prone to “senseless paranoia” and jealous fits;
But from where he sits
Superfluous temptations are a foolish test,
He’d rather go to war
– fighting for love
And be thought a creep;
As long as his ladybird
Stay in their nest,
The Mountain Chickadudes and Hairy Woodpeckers
Can all eat crow and go take a flying leap!!!

A common misconception is that all jealousy is bad; but remember that a loving jealousy is never cruel to that which it holds dear.

Just a groovy tune I was listening to while putting this together. = >

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