Long John Silver Finds the Perfect Pet:(Rover – the Peacock Mantis Shrimp)

The Manic Minstrel

mantis shrimp

Avast ye, matey!
Behold, this Salty Scamper Scampi,
He’s Boatbroken and well seasoned
At the tender age of eighty,
A real prize of a Pirate Pooch,
A Giddy Geezer Grampy
That can scurry and Scuttlebutt
As well as any other Mongrel Mutt;
This Ol’ Sea Dog can Run a Rig
Cause he’s still learning new Tricks:
He can Sit, Rollover, and Beg
Play Dead and Tell No Tales
After jazzing a lush Wench’s leg,
He’ll Hoist the Sails,
Batten Down the Hatches,
Fetch the Grog, Plunder some Loot,
and if you scratch him behind his ears
…. he’ll gladly crack your Cackle Fruit!!!

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