By -Tor and the Snow Dog

By-Tor and the Snow Dog

I think I drew it up exactly the same way when I was seven. 8D

Just a bit of fun scribble art inspired by a crazy song that was inspired by the band manager’s two horrible hounds: By-Tor(the snarling German Shepard that bites) and Snowball(the Snow Dog); two awesome fuzzball creatures that sparked a new mythology and a jazz infused prog rock masterpiece. Cheers!

Having It

The Manic Minstrel

Having It

Having IT,
Ain’t nothing wrong with Having IT;
You can Have your cake and eat IT too,
You can Have all you want,
IT really is up to you;
You could Have IT all,
Even multiples of two;

Having IT,
Ain’t nothing wrong with Having IT;
But I must warn you,
Please hear what I say,
“Spend your time and money wisely
With never a debt to pay;
Keeping all accounts in the Black and out of the Red
So that you can truly Have IT,
Rather than …..IT Having you instead!!!”

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